CINS Project Development

The CINS project continues to be developed. In 2014-15, the following work is due to be carried out:

Single file upload function

CINS is in the final stages of implementation of the single file upload function. The aim of this is to ease the Carriers’ work, as the incident can be reported in file at each Carrier’s local office and uploaded with ease at the Carrier’s main office.

Enhanced user friendliness

Work is being undertaken to enhance overall user friendliness of the CINS system is ongoing and expected to progress to final phase in third quarter 2014.

Coiled Materials Guideline

In April 2014, the Coiled Materials workgroup met to continue development on the Coiled Materials Guideline.

The work is progressing well and a photo shoot with actual stuffing of Steel Coils, in order to provide the best possible illustrations, is planned to take place as soon as can be arranged.

Be part of the project

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