A total of 33 participants attended the 6th CINS Members Meeting on Wednesday 17 August 2016, at the Skodsborg Hotel, Copenhagen.

During the morning sessions, there was an overview of current and planned CINS developments. The Chairman, Uffe Ernst-Frederiksen, gave details of some of the current initiatives that CINS is undertaking, including:

  • The development of a new aligned reporting format, aimed at providing improved, consistent, reliable and usable data
  • The introduction next year of a Memorandum of Understanding for all Members
  • Compliance management and the expansion of data to members about incident analytics and statistics
  • The initiatives to increase membership
  • The launch of new Cargo Guidelines, such as the carriage of self-reacting cargoes in containers

Further presentations were also given about CINS incident data, reporting methodology and a specific case study:

  • Peregrine Storrs-Fox (TT Club) who analysed the incident data reported up to June 2016 (including incident type,  detected cause, load/discharge port, and substance
  • Margareta Hermann (Hapag Lloyd) who reported on the work that is being undertaken to improve the reporting format, requirements and definitions
  • Per Heintz, who explained how Hamburg Süd is managing CINS data to reduce incidents – by reviewing incidents which could be important to them, extracting information for statistical purposes, and communicating to regional offices. Also, the company’s reporting procedures were explained
  • James Douglas (Exis Technologies) who updated members on the development of the database and highlighted possible future reviews of the system
  • Marc Lefebvre (CMA CGM) who shared with participants the case study of the recent fire in the “Rossini” involving the carriage of Lithium Ion batteries

In the afternoon, there were a number of industry presentations relevant to CINS Members:

  • Øssur Jarleivson Hilduberg, Chief Investigator, DMAIB Danish Maritime Accident Investigation Board, who discussed the safety implications of economies of scale in container transport
  • Martin John, Director, Ship Surveying and Certification, Danish Maritime Authority, who explained the role and responsibilities of the DMA – and indicated possible future areas of co-operation between the DMA and CINS, highlighting areas of common interest.
  • Lars Hendrikson, Lavaretus Underwriting, who reviewed cargo issues/case-studies related to containerised cargo underwriting – and explained the test mode enabling underwriters to identify and select risk in the underwriting process
  • Alf Pearson, Area Technical Performance Manager, Lloyd’s Register, who explained Lloyd’s Register and Cargo Management: Introduction and Company Presentation – Cargo issues related to container ship design
  • Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, TT Club, who gave a Follow up on VGM and experiences from first month of implementation of the SOLAS RegulationMembers requiring PDFs of the presentations should email Patrick Hicks (secretary@cinsnet.com)

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Participants the 6th CINS Meeting in Copenhagen, Wednesday 17 August 2016