New sources of energy – and energy storage methods – are being developed to reduce the environmental impact and dependency on fossil fuels.

The development and use of Lithium-ion Batteries is crucial in this context. However, these batteries can present a significant risk to people, property and the environment if not handled, packaged, classified and declared properly.  Consequently, one of the main obstacles restricting the wider application of Lithium-ion Batteries relates to safety.

In conjunction with the International Group of P&I Clubs, the TT Club and ICHCA, CINS has now published the attached document “Lithium-ion Batteries in Containers Guidelines” (designated C-SAR 101-A).  All stakeholders involved in the carriage of Lithium-ion Batteries in containers are asked to review these Guidelines carefully, to determine if they can be implemented and applied to their specific operation.

Subject to stakeholder feedback, the document will be reviewed again in September 2023.

Download here – Lithium-ion Batteries