• CINS Vice-Chairman Ken Rohlmann (Senior Director Cargo Service / Dangerous Goods, Hapag-Lloyd) was a speaker at the Packaged Dangerous Goods seminar held in London last month.
  • Ken confirmed that misdeclaration, whether from fraud or miscommunication, is among the key risk factors. “Known dangerous goods transports are well-planned, checked and executed by experts. The real risk we are exposed to is the risk we cannot see: dangerous goods or other sensitive commodities that are not properly declared to shipping lines,” he observed.
  • He outlined how Hapag-Lloyd’s new search engine, ‘Cargo Patrol’, has been designed to scan the booking environment in real-time to pick up potentially undeclared DG or other suspicious cargo, using known keywords and synonyms.
  • The system reports approximately 1250 potential hits per day and will be made available for use by other container lines in future through IBM. “With this tool in place we have reduced the risk to our crews, vessels, customers’ cargo and the environment through early detection,” he said
  • A full Report of the Meeting can be found HERE

    Ken ICHCA Seminar