The revised version (“Version 3.0”) of the “Guidelines for the Carriage of Calcium Hypochlorite in Containers” has been published jointly by CINS and the International Group of P&I Clubs. The Guidelines were first published in May 2016, with version 2.0 of the Guidelines issued in January 2017 to take account of the package limit of 100lb drums under US measurement as well as the package limit of 45kg net weight.

The Guidelines can essentially be considered “IMDG Code-Plus” precautions, insofar as they include selected provisions from the IMDG Code – plus additional precautions, consistent with the science basis established in 1999 by consulting scientists advising the IG Clubs.

The revised Version 3.0 of the Guidelines seeks to provide continuity, in terms of the referencing of the package limit, and provide clarity as to the nature of the Guidelines.

A PDF of Version 3 is available – click HERE.