This Guidelines for the Carriage of Hides & Skins in Containers has been prepared by a Working Group comprising Members of CINS (the Cargo Incident Notification System).

Approximately 7 million tons of raw hides are generated by slaughtering animals like cows and sheep. These hides will be processed and transported around the world until it is finished leather.

The carriage of hides or skins in general purpose containers is creating several problems. Improper container preparation may cause the leaking of corrosive brine during transport. The leaking brine damages the container floor and painting, contaminates containers stowed underneath or nearby, corrode ship’s decks and fittings, influences the supply air of reefer containers nearby and creates a very strong foul odour and holds a potential health risk from bacteria, infection, putrefaction and woodworms.

The intention of this document is to reduce claims from the carriage of hides and skins by ensuring that it is properly packaged, declared and carried.

To download the Guideline, click HERE