The 2nd CINS Members Meeting of the year took place in London on Wednesday 29 April 2015, generously hosted by the TT Club. There were a total of 22 participants at the Meeting, with a wide range of presentations. Key points of the presentations were as follows (for PDFs, please contact

  • CINS Database: James Douglas, Director, EXIS Technologies, began by giving a recap of the changes that the CINS Board has requested. He showed the changes that had been made so far, giving a number of screenshots. The status of the database was reviewed. He explained that the changes were scheduled to be completed by end-May, with testing in early June and the target was to go live in late June.
  • CINS Statistics: Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director, Through Transport Mutual Services (UK) Ltd, gave a review of the CINS Statistics. He confirmed that the number of incidents had fallen in Q1 2015 (198) compared to Q1 2014 (300). There was a wide-ranging discussion as to how to gain traction amongst all members and it was noted that the Statutes raise an expectation of reporting.
  • Insurance: Karl Lumbers, UK P&I Club, gave a presentation entitled “Container Losses and Damage: Where does all the money go?” He gave an overview of containership claims and Containership cargo claims, looks at trends, main causes, types of damage. He also covered the types of damage, including physical, loss overboard. He concluded by looking at maintenance Issues.
  • Emergency Response: Alejandro ALBÁN V-P International Operations, FUERA International, Chemical Emergency Response aboard vessels and in ports.
  • Container Weight Verification: Peregrine Storrs-Fox gave an update on the situation regarding container weight verification. He took delegates through the SOLAS Chapter VI Part A Regulation 2 and reviewed the work by the IMO/ILO/UNECE  on the CTU Code. He looked at the various standards that relate to the issue, concluding with two case studies relating to container weight.
  • Lashing Options inside Containers: David Parrin, Senior CKC Advisor, Cordstrap BV, gave an updated on some of the new technology that his company is introducing, aimed at reducing cargo movement and damage inside containers
  • CDI IMPCAS: Captain T. Frith, Technical Manager, CDI, reported on the work being undertaken by CDI relating to packing